Thursday, September 15, 2005

Well dont worry folks I'm still alive. As I said in my post on Aug. 19 I went on leave and Time Warner was kind enough to shut my internet off while I was gone. So today I found out my bill wasn't auto-drafting like it was supposed to, so after some appologies and my money (which is what they wanted instead of appologies) we are up and rocking again.

For those of you that have left comments, I appreciate it. While I was browsing them I noticed this gem.


I was born and raised a christian (Episcopal) and I hold my beliefs dear, yet one of the beauties of our country is that people are allowed to live their lives and conduct their religious practices how they choose. I've served with many who either do not believe in the Lord or choose simply not to worship him. While it is my sincere hope they accept the gospel one day, my main concern as a soldier is they cover my ass while someone is trying to blow it off. You call yourself a real American, which you may indeed be, but in my view a REAL American is one who holds dear the concepts this country was founded upon. Freedom being the most important.

1. The condition of being free of restraints.
2. Liberty of the person from slavery, detention, or oppression.
3. A - Political independence.
B - Exemption from the arbitrary exercise of authority in the performance of a specific action; civil liberty: freedom of assembly.

4. Exemption from an unpleasant or onerous condition: freedom from want.
5. The capacity to exercise choice; free will.

To my knowledge no person has ever claimed that American military forces are an army of God. In my opinion, Americas military is rather an Army of GOOD, that carries out just works to give the people of the world the gift of freedom and justice, the things that we as Americans enjoy every day and at times the things we even take for granted.

Let me be clear on my next point Mr. Berry, NO army has ever been an "Army of God." Armies belong to nations, thus carrying out the will of the persons in control of that nation. For years kings, emporers, sultans, princes, armies, rebels, terrorist, extremist, etc. have hid behind the lies that they carry out their acts in the name of our Lord. In reality my friend, they carry out their own wishes and beliefs. Though they may be a spiritual or religious person, it is the human being, not the divine that conjures wars and battles and then cloaks them in the name of the Lord to make their cause seem just.

America has never claimed to carry out the work of God, instead as I stated earlier the work of good. Our country is a super power, and because of this I believe we have a certain obligation and responsibility to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

I don't presume to have the mental or religious capacity to imagine or guess at the intentions of God, but it is my belief that we as Americans standing up for the weak in the world would please the Lord. And even though they do not believe in him, I believe God would be pleased in the contributions of the "SATANISTS, WICCANS, PAGANS, AND ATHEISTS" to the cause that our nation struggles with every day.


God bless ALL our soldiers.


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Blogger Pablo said...

I am/was proud of my country/our country for the same reasons. But I am old enough now and have read enough to be hesitant to equate government policy with the qualities of individuals sent to execute those policies. I saw service in Vietnam as a draftee. I went believing what my government had told me, only to discover with my own eyes and in just a few brief hours that they had lied to me. I have read a good deal of American history and would suggest that we (the soldiers) freed the Philippines and then imposed a bloody terrorist war on them when they resisted our "freedom campaign" - and you can walk down our history and see that repeatedly - the corporate interests have done well in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Haiti, and many other places we have "liberated" (some of them many times - Haiti for example). We helped slaughter a million Vietnamese to free them - and didn't. There is no evidence that the Iraqi (longtime fighters against foreign "liberators", especially those coming with oil rigs) invited us or want us there. They will keep killing our young and draining our treasury ($199 billion and counting). Our people may or may not be good (remember Abu Greib??) but an invasion of a country not threatening to us (or do you still believe there were WMDs?) is hard to call "good."

I hold dear the same concepts you do - honesty, hard work, care for my fellows, personal freedom. Tom DeLay, Frist, Abramof, (the list continues) don't seem good examples of honesty. Stripping military equipment and emergency systems to award huge tax cuts to the top 1% of the super wealthy (any of them serving in your unit?) doesn't seem to be support for honest hard work. By your terms are these REAL Americans? Real patriots? And chickhawks to boot.

Have you noticed what is happening to the freedoms in the Bill of Rights since 2001? Have you been reading the reports about the voting fraud in Ohio in 02 and in Florida in 00? Are these REAL Americans doing this?

You may be right that the military as an institution has not claimed to be doing God's work. But its chickenhawk Commander in chief has said so repeatedly. He claims to be a Christian but has the blood of 10s of thousands on his hands. What would Jesus say to the killings?

Standing up for the weak and the poor? Cutting funding to the poor within and outside the US and giving crony corporations 10s of billions in tax breaks doesn't strike me as standing up for the poor. The UN last month listed 46 dictatorships in the world. We have nothing to say about a single one where there is not oil. In fact we have arms agreements with 39 of them.

I think the Lord would be pleased if we actually started reading the New Testament and stop being flaming hypocrites. The rest of the world has no truth seeing through the propaganda and spin to the self serving behavior. Not of you active soldier and not of me the ex-soldier. But then we aren't in a position to cloak our crimes in high sounding phrases.

6:23 AM  

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