Friday, August 19, 2005

Well we had a company picnic today, basically just sitting around for 3 hours in the inferno-like sun that floats over Georgia. Our 1SG was kind enough to remind us that this is the last time all the families will be in one spot for the next year, thanks for the pep talk top, 'preciate it.

One of the heavy equipment guys brought his wife and his 2 dogs. Wife gets the thumbs up and the dogs get the thumbs down. During a three hour period this dog attacked another soldiers' pet and snapped at a small boy. Not needed.

In 24 hours I'll be in Texas with boots on, country music jamming, and a cold Coors in my hand.
Life is good.
Well here goes nothing, my feeble attempt at blogging. My reasons for blogging are murky at best, mostly just an attempt to let friends back home know about life in the military and pass on bits of wisdom(doubtful) to anyone out there interested in joining the military medical corps.

I was born and raised in Texas, went to Texas Tech for a year, then left and drifted for a few months before enlisting in the Army. When I walked into the recruiter I did not need a bonus or any type of school to convince me, I was the easiest recruit the Army has ever had. In a decision that seems silly, I asked to be a Medic only because my grandfather had been a medic in WWII. I had studied political science in college, so this was kind of a 180 for me. It was, and still is, the best decision of my life. In my short time in the military since that day, I have been promoted 3 times and have attended airborne school. If you haven't jumped out of an airplane, do so as soon as possible, it's the biggest rush you will ever experience. I am currently serving with an Engineer company in Georgia and will deploy at the end of this year.

I go on leave tommorow for 2 weeks, but I'll attempt to post random thoughts while I'm away (not that it matters now, I'm the only one who knows about this site.) I hope if you stumble upon this site you'll stop by again, someone needs to read my rambling thoughts.

-Doc Tex